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Babies have their own personalities right from the beginning.  This princess knew when she had a beautiful headband on and when she didn't.  Her whole face changed every single time!  It was so precious to see her little lips turn upward just the slightest bit when we put the sweet, girlie headbands on her.  :)  Photographing newborns is so much more than just posing a baby and clicking a button.  You have to really learn your subject, and communicate, even with newborns.  It really is so rewarding.  Meet Baby L.  Seriously perfect in every way.  

Late December Babies

I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing first time mamas at the end of last year.  They both had beautiful stories, and were just beautiful souls.  I'm so happy that their journeys ended in happiness--precious babies.  

The first baby I met was handsome Henry.  He and his mama had a birth story for the record books!  In the end, I was able to hold a healthy, 4.5 lb baby who was just the most adorable little bundle!  Check him out!!

This is one of my ALL TIME favorites!!!  OhHenry!!!! 

Then, the next day I was able to meet the most beautiful princess and her mama!!  Baby Willow came into the world around the same time as Henry.  She was a little bigger, but still smaller than most of the babies I get to see.  I was so lucky to meet she and her mama, and we were able to take the most precious photos for baby Willow's nursery.  I'm so excited to share these with you!

Whimsigiggles Newborns of 2016

The Whimsigiggles tiny humans of 2016 are in one, perfect collage for everyone to see!  (And celebrate!)  Each and every baby has their own unique personality, and I definitely was able to see it shining through in their photo sessions.  The divas, the passive “go-with-the-flow” types; they all had something to say, and say it they did!!  I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for all of us!  

Never-ending cuteness! (...and sweetness!)

In the last few weeks, to say I've been busy is an understatement!  (Which is GREAT!)  Thank you all so much for trusting my artistic opinions and sharing your beautiful families with me!  It has been a wonderful season, and I am finishing up with a few babies, and Christmas family sessions in the next few weeks.  

Before I show you (next post) all of the amazing families I met, I HAVE to gush on these perfect baby toes, and baby smiles I was able to capture last week.  Baby J and Baby K (no relation) were both just as perfect as can be--with all of their yummy baby goodness....  Ahhh.  Sigh.  I love my job!

Beautiful Baby K.  She was named after her Grandfather, who passed away earlier this year, and her adorable smile has to be his spirit saying how much he loves and misses his sweet family.  

This. Little. Face.  So little editing needed, since he was already so adorable.  Baby J, your mama, daddy, and big sister love you so!

Beautiful Lexi

I had the opportunity to photograph one of the most beautiful little girls I've seen.  She was full of life, and had an awesome personality.  I really hope I can continue to photograph her periodically to see just how beautiful she becomes.  :)  Senior photos, mom?  A while away, but we all know it goes way too fast.  

A few more babies...

There are definitely many babies born in the summer!  I have been traveling quite a bit myself, and this is by no means ALL the babies, but here is a small update.  Boy Baby J is looking dapper in yellow, and of course loving his teddy bear.  

Purple turned out to be a beautiful color for Girl Baby J.  (Interesting they are both "Baby J," no?)  She was so agreeable to her photo session, and was past the two week mark.  For anyone with an "older" baby--it can be done!  

Another New Mama...

I had the greatest pleasure working with this new little family.  I was able to meet the mom and dad to be doing maternity photos and lots of emails due to LOTS of rain reschedules.  It ended up that we did our session on a gloomy day anyway, when poor Mama was about 39 weeks!  Wow!  She was awesome, and Dad was there for her every step--making her laugh, and helping her around as needed.  The two of them have such an obviously beautiful relationship, it was really easy to show just how much love this baby was being born into.  

Meeting the baby once she was here was amazing.  To no one's surprise, she is absolutely gorgeous.  She will be a happy little one, no doubt, and I wish this family all the best in the world.  Here are just a fraction of their images.  Enjoy!

Getting going...

Happy rainy May, everyone!!!  I've done a few sessions at this point, and I can't have asked for better clients.  Beautiful on the inside and out, they have really made my job a delight.  I am very fortunate to have such amazing people in my life--they have had so much patience as I get everything together workflow-wise.  Here are some of Whimsigiggles first images since the transformation.  Enjoy! 

As I upload the images of these beautiful families, I can't help but be excited for the year to come.  Please contact me with any questions, and remember to book your session early!