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Early February babies!

I am still catching up (aren't I always catching up?!) from the beginning of this month.  Please remember, I update my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/whimsigigglesphotography) more regularly than I find myself blogging about all the wonderful people I meet.  

These two baby girls were very different!!!  The first baby was much smaller--and came early!  I wasn't expecting to meet this mama for another 3 weeks or so!  The second baby came right on time, and was a BIG girl!!!  She was just over 9 pounds at birth!!!  Needless to say, she was not interested in a nap during her photo session.  :)  Of course, I will always work with whatever your baby decides to do.  (Don't I have to?!)  Anyway, here they are--Sweet little Baby E and Baby A!

Baby E

 Baby A

Baby A

The "F" Family

It was such a pleasure to meet the "F" family at the end of last week.  They just welcomed baby #2 home, and couldn't be more excited to get some photos of the entire family.  Here is one of my favorite family photos to date.  Enjoy!

Baby R

Mr R was nice and sleepy for his photoshoot last week.  I put him in the magic bucket and he was out like a light!  Check out his fancy hat, too!  I just love all these little babies!!

Off to a great start, Baby B!

Here she is!!!  Baby B came into the world about three weeks ago and she is already as beautiful as her mommy!  It was awesome to be able meet both mom and dad, and I can really see both parents in this little lady.  So neat!  I feel so fortunate to be able to spend so many mornings with such yummy babies!  More to come!!  ;)  

Go Go GO 2015!!!

It has been crazy hectic these last few weeks.  Between the holidays and family outings/gatherings, I have been really pressed on time for editing and uploading to everyone's gallery.  Luckily, I have the BEST clients, and everyone has been really patient.  Again, THANK YOU!  Last week was a huge week for me.  I saw FIVE newborns in one week.  Crazy hectic!!!  It was a blast and I met the most amazing people.  Here are some sneaks from last week!

Baby Monday

 Baby Tuesday

Baby Tuesday

 Baby Tuesday -- another!

Baby Tuesday -- another!

 Baby Wednesday

Baby Wednesday

 Baby Friday

Baby Friday

And Another!!

As another crazy week of holiday festivities begins, I am finally finishing up with my editing from the last round of photo shoots.  Thank you so much to everyone being so patient with me.  Tonight I am excited to share some photos of Baby A, a little diva already!!  Her parents are used to having a little man running around, but are just now getting used to life with another baby--and she's a girl!!!!  (Get ready Daddy!!!)  What a wonderful gift at this time of year!

Tis the Season!

It is getting later in this holiday season, and I'm still editing these beautiful, small faces....  It is so much nicer to be inside with a toffee nut latte  :) and looking at precious, curly newborn babies....  ahhhhhhh!!!  The life!    Ha!

Little baby S is another "older" baby, who performed perfectly and fell to sleep on cue and posed flawlessly for her photos.  At 21 days old, she is a little outside of the "preferred" range for newborn photography, but her pictures prove that "9-12 days old" range is just a suggestion.  Here she is, in all her beauty, baby S.  (I hope you're ready for all this cuteness!!)  

Awesome, squishy Baby E!

I am slowly catching up on editing just before I get a little break for the holiday.  I am excited to share this little lady, Miss E, and notice how adorably squishy her little cheeks are!!!  Babies are so cuuuute when they have the little chubby features.  Just love it so much!!!  Enjoy these pics!! 


Edit, edit, edit!!!

Four sessions in the book this week... so that means LOTS of editing this week!  :)  (Thanks!!!)  I am still getting used to maternity sessions, and posing husbands with their adorably pregnant wives, however, Clarissa was so beautiful it was easy.  I love how pregnancy really does make women glow.  It is just a beautiful time in life.  This gorgeous mama will have her little girl in her arms in just a few weeks, and we have already scheduled her newborn shoot, so stay tuned!!!

Baby L

Another adorable baby in the books, which means another awesome few days of editing his sweet face for me.   This little man was a very interested guy--wasn't going to miss a thing!  Towards the end of the session, he finally let go and took a little nap.  Here he is!!!